digital tracking.. the good and the bad.

January 22, 2008 bweller

While reading about digital tracking I came across some pretty intresting stuff, and some scary things about these advancements in technology.

10 legitimate uses for digital tracking…

1. keeping track of equiptment in large buisnesses (ex. hospitals)

2. keeping track of fleets or vehicles, knowing where they are (ex. taxi buisness)

3. finding lost children, pets, vehicles.

4. locating inventory in stores or libraries.

5. advertising to customers throughout the area.

6. making your location available to local emergencypersonel.

7. Tracking trips, showing where you’ve been.

8. anti-theft, tracking the vehicle once its been stolen.

9. notifying owners of cars mechanical problems.

10. unlocking car doors incase of lost keys, or keys locked inside of the car.

With all the benefits in advancements in tracking technology its hard to see the faults, however there are many;


1. Hackers can disable a cars tracking device.

2. Copy a persons medical information.

3. Allow for easy access to who you are and what you have.

4. Personal tracking, having people know where you are.

5. Allowing cops to track you via cell phone.

6. swap a products price for a lower one.  ttp://

7. e911 requires companies to access location on other calls for better accuracy.

8. Excess advertisments from stores and companies.

9. Can record how fast a vehicle is going.

10. Can read whether a vehicles occupants are wearing their seatbelts.


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